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Tennis Court

George Fox Tennis Center Policies

A Few Important Notes regarding our policies around attending the tennis lessons:

  • Sign ups are available online. When buying group packages, you may sign up the first date, then simply drop in the rest of the session.

  • ALL group packages expire at the end of the dated session. This means there are no refunds and no carry-overs beyond the end of session for any reason whatsoever. 

  • There is NO dropping into classes without a registration online, or payment done in hand via cash/check. If you come without payment, you will be subject to late fees and an online invoice will be sent by the next day. If you do not pay within 24-48 hours, you will be subject to more late fines

  • No Refunds are given to players who cancel their group/private lesson reservation within 12 hours of their registered class or private lesson.

  • Refunds will ONLY be given in the form of credit for future lessons on your bookings account. Only Court Reserve refunds will be submitted in emergency situations.

  • A player or parent of a player may be dismissed at any point for inappropriate behavior, language, etc without refund for their individual and multi-class lessons

  • We will be following the state's guidelines on COVID.

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