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George Fox Tennis Center | System Update to Court Reserve Bookings Site December 19th

Hello Families,

We have officially switched our bookings site to Court Reserve, away from Tennis Bookings. will become our new booking system for classes and rentals.

This will NOT change our Main Website as that will be un-affacted by the move. Tennis Bookings will no longer be of use on Monday, Dec 19th, and Court Reserve will be fully used at this point.

Court Reserve has many of the same features to that help you access tennis easily, and some new items as well such as:

- Mobile Phone App for all tennis needs!
- Easier Court Purchase Options for classes
- Invoicing Done straight on your Account
- Same accessible courts for rentals

What To Do's:

- If you have an account with us, you will have already received an email at the address associated with your current account. It has a link to setup your account; it will transfer your data from the Tennis Bookings account, so it will be seamless and easy!


If you don't have an account, simply register below as a player, and add the "George Fox Tennis Center" to your profile! Please select the free "General Individual Membership" that is open for all people!

Court Reserve:


Thanks and have a great day! Feel free to reach out with any questions or needs!

Coach Cero,
Tennis Director

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